Welcome to Parkway Christian School

Parkway’s vision and mission can be summarized with our motto: Challenging Minds, Capturing Hearts, and Cultivating Gifts
We consider this the framework that gives Parkway a unique identity. By filtering everything through this framework, we are best able to accomplish our goal of educating the whole student in preparation for future endeavors utilizing a Biblical worldview. 

Challenging Minds

The ultimate goal of education is to develop each student’s academic potential. At Parkway, challenging the mind includes the process of increasing the student’s ability to think critically, expand analytical skills, and advance comprehensive capabilities.

Capturing Hearts

As a Christian school, the development of the spiritual life of our students, which centers on their relationship with the Lord, is foundational to our mission and vision for each child. This emphasis, including relationships with staff and fellow students, is paramount to our students ever increasing maturity as followers of Christ. 

Cultivating Gifts

In recognizing the uniqueness of each individual student, our goal is to help each student find, develop, and practice his or her God-given gifts and passions. Parkway is proactive in offering a variety of programs to cultivate each student's gifts. 


The goal of providing a quality education at an accredited Christian school, while maintaining an affordable tuition level, is a constant challenge in Christian education. In our effort to Challenge Minds, Capture Hearts, and Cultivate Gifts, additional opportunities exist for partnering with Parkway to provide support that would enhance our academic, athletic, fine arts, and technology programs.