Theatre Department

PCS Theatre department is dedicated to teaching children and youth ‘life skills’ through theatre arts education. Using innovative and artistic programming we inspire and empower young people to discover their God given talents and use them to glorify Him through acting, song and dance. Opportunities are also available for MS/HS students to learn the technical side of productions, such as lighting, sound, and Stage Management. 



Christmas Musical

As part of the Elementary Christmas Program 4th-6th grade are eligible to audition and be CAST for the drama portion of the Christmas Musical. Production for Christmas Programs will be early December. Auditions to be held late Sept/Oct of each school year.

Spring Production 

6th-8th grade are eligible to audition and be CAST as an Ensemble member and 9th-12th grade are eligible to audition and be CAST for either Ensemble or Main Character. 


Workshops are held after school and for a minimum fee

Discover DramA | Grades 1-3   

Participants will explore the art of acting through games and activities that introduce them to the use of imagination, voice and body. Areas of exploration include (but are not limited to):  Mirror Mime, Tableau, Pantomime, and Story Telling

Developing DraMA | Grades 4-6

Using the 3 tools of a successful actor, Imagination, Voice, and Body, participants will work on higher level skills sets to explore more in depth and detailed presentation of the art of drama. Areas of exploration include (but are not limited to): Ensemble Building, Focus & Listening, and Imagination & Creativity. 

DRAMA IS my SPORT | Grades 7-12

Focus is on technique and details of each ACTOR’s tool (IMAGINATION, VOICE & BODY). At this level, participants will get to explore the innovative and unique areas of Drama that involve collaboration, ensemble building, creative input and writing. Also includes a session focusing on audition prep (expectations, tips & tools, and talk back with alumni actors or professionals in the industry).

Emphasis is on: (but not limited to) 

  • Ensemble Building

  • Focus & Listening

  • Imagination & Creativity

  • Movement

  • Characterization


Week long half day and whole day drama/musical theatre camps available end of July and first week of Aug. Specific camp themes, agenda and registration begin May of current school year.

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