Our Mission

In pursuit of excellence in education, the mission of Parkway Christian School is to function as an extension of the Christ‐centered, Bible‐believing home and church by partnering with parents in providing an education, which promotes the development of the whole child: spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically, and artistically.


Core Values

As a multi denominational school, we adhere to the words of Augustine "in essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things love." We rely on the Word for instruction and directing students to parents for doctrinal questions. What your child learns at school should complement, instead of contradict, what is learned in your home and at your church. 


Statements of faith

In our effort to partner with the home and church we design our programs to reflect the teaching of both home and church by creating a climate that has Christ as preeminent. Our teachings adhere to the belief that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and as stated in II Timothy 3:16, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,”


Kingdom Education

We believe that the church, family, and school are to partner together to train up our youth, and endeavor to strengthen both the family and church through our policies and programs. By implementing a philosophy of education termed Kingdom Education, we align all that we do with the Bible, and teach from a biblical worldview.



Our vision is to develop a Christian School that challenges students to reach their highest potential academically, presents the gospel in a way that promotes a biblical worldview, and identifies and develops individual gifts and talents.


  • Comprehensive academic programs that challenge students at every level to meet their academic potential.

  • Preschool beginning at 3 yrs of age

  • Kindergarten through 12th grade

  • Latchkey Program
    (6:30am-8:00am and 3:00pm-6:00pm)

  • Art, physical education, vocal music, and band.

  • Athletic Programs grades 4th-12th

  • Spanish classes beginning at Pre-K 3 through 12th grade

  • Updated library, Mac computer lab, Windows computer lab, iPad cart, and two science labs.

  • Student cafeteria, and 500 seat auditorium with state of the art stage lighting and a/v equipment.

Parkway Christian School - Why PCS?
Parkway Christian School - Elementary


At Parkway Christian School, we endeavor to offer a broad curriculum for our academic programs of study using differentiated instruction, and by including honors and AP classes. We recognize that students come to us with many different backgrounds and abilities, and that our programs must be designed to meet the needs of all students, helping each one reach their full potential. Proverbs 22:6 admonishes us to: “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Our belief is that by concentrating on the gifts and abilities of each student, integrating the biblical worldview in each subject, and offering a comprehensive curriculum that includes classes for a wide variety of students, we are fulfilling this directive. In addition, we believe students attending Christian schools should have ample opportunity to learn from the Bible, and therefore, Bible is considered not just a spiritual class but an academic one as well. We have AdvancED accreditation.

Parkway Christian School - Band


Our required Bible classes are developed to provide a solid, biblical foundation at every level, and students are given an opportunity to learn more about the Savior through the Word, resulting in a deeper understanding of Christianity. Parkway adds a deeper dimension to biblical understanding with the inclusion of biblical worldview integration. This integration makes sure the Bible is woven into all teaching, not just provided as an independent subject. Each teacher participates in an extensive training program to learn how to integrate biblical concepts into every subject. This allows for a seamless weaving of the Bible into every aspect of academics and fine arts. To supplement these procedures and classes, students in elementary are involved in a ministry group, where they learn how to serve by praying, sign language, media, and other areas of interest. Students in Middle School and High School are encouraged to participate in leadership groups where students learn servant leadership both in school and by going into the community to serve. Finally, our commitment to celebrating the uniqueness of each individual student provides the framework of all of our programs and policies. In these ways and many others, Parkway seeks to live out our motto, Challenging Minds, Capturing Hearts, and Cultivating Gifts.

Safe Enviornment

Parkway provides a safe environment for students with a secure facility. Students participate in all required drills, and the emergency plan is reviewed annually. We have an extensive camera system, and doors are kept secure with an electronic entry system. In addition, Parkway is assisted in their emergency preparations by a partnership with Macomb County officials and a Homeland Security trained safety expert.

Parkway Christian School - PIFFF
Parkway Christian School - Move-A-Thon


Parkway provides a wide range of opportunities for students. One favorite is the opportunity to interact with all age groups. Whether it's through our drama department, Student Leadership group, the childcare elective, leading Elementary chapel, or a variety of other activities, students have the ability to learn and grow from each other. In addition, students and teachers develop bonds that go beyond the traditional student-teacher relationship. Students are continually reminded of how much they are cared for and loved by teachers. It shows in their concern for student success, their willingness to go the extra mile to help, and in their willingness to be available when needed for tutoring. Of special importance and appreciated is the opportunity given to openly discuss life issues in Bible classes as they learn to apply a biblical perspective to these topics. They have a safe place to learn to navigate a confusing world. 

Students learn to appreciate giving back through yearly service-hour requirements, and one day a year where every student is serving outside the school in places like Hope Center, Gleaners, Gleaners Farm, or Habitat for Humanity. These opportunities help students broaden their outlook on life as they expand their connections with the surrounding community. 

Another unique aspect of student life at Parkway is the abundance of opportunities to participate in events not always available in a traditional school. Elementary students have classrooms designed to provide a warm, inviting environment, with field trips, Spiritual Emphasis days, a Move-A-Thon, PIFFF (Parkway International Family Fun Day), field day, and other activities added to allow for relationships to be built.  For Middle School and High School, yearly events include Spirit Week, where students work together as teams to compete and Winter Retreat where students spend two or three days focused on growing spiritually interspersed with fun activities designed to create a sense of togetherness. Add the senior trip to Florida and you have the needed ingredients to develop a community where students can not just learn, but become all God created them to become.

Parkway Christian School - Worship
Parkway Christian School - Chapel

Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life at Parkway is all about placing our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, at the center. To accomplish that, we integrate drawing closer to the Lord through worship in our weekly chapels with Bible classes that promote a knowledge of the Lord and scripture while learning how to live a life that seeks to bring about his will in all areas of life. Combine this with biblical worldview integration, which occurs in every class and subject, and students leave Parkway with a strong knowledge of Christianity and the Bible. The goal is to provide multiple opportunities in all grades for students to first develop a relationship with Jesus and then experience first-hand the joys of being a follower of Jesus. 

From there we add multiple service projects, ministry groups, and our Student Leadership group to provide a way for students to practice the servant leadership component of Christianity. They learn to put their faith in action, and in the process discover the connection between leading and serving. Our Student Life section puts it in their own words. 

  • In Elementary, the Biblical Studies curriculum consists of a two-year cycle that begins in Genesis and covers the major Bible narratives.
  • In Middle School and High School, Biblical Studies is an academic class as well as spiritual. Students examine the Bible, learning how to study and apply biblical truth to their lives.
  • Teachers are trained to provide instruction that integrates the biblical worldview into the subject content. 
  • Elementary Ministry groups are conducted every other week, teaching students to lay the foundation toward becoming servant leaders.
  • Student Leadership Institute (SLi) is a program that allows students in both Middle and High School to identify their specific gifts and become leaders in the school, church, and community, which leads them to a better understanding and awareness of their purpose in the world as they further the Kingdom of God.
  • Elementary, Middle School, and High School chapels are held once a week designed to lead the students to a deeper walk with the Lord and an understanding of their role as a worshiper of God.
  • Prayer is a central part of each classroom.


Lila Place, Head of School/EL Dean 

Jennie Brady, MS/HS Dean

Kristen Allen, Acedemic/Classroom Technology Dean

Sarah Davis, Business Administrator


Clay Shaw Athletic Director

Brandon Blackmon Middle School Athletic Director

Joy Sprang, Assistant Athletic Director/Student Activities

Fine Arts

Cameron Ferguson, Band

Sophia Lewallen, HS/MSArt

Mer Renne, Vocal/Drama Director

Caitlyn Lomasney, EL Vocal

Lynn Tucker, EL Art

Support Staff

Maria Hosmer, Office Manager

Nina Bunk, Support Staff

Tammy Hunt, Financial Manager

Rachel Agusti, Event Coordinator

Kerry Jantz, Strategic Development Coordinator

Zack Merren, Marketing & Media Coordinator

David Schietecatte, Maintenance

Lori Coyer, Head of Admissions

Christen Schlaf, MS/HS Administrative Assistant

Joy Powledge, Office Aide

Jacqueline Schmidt, Librarian

Eliza Hood, Library Assistant

Ryan White, IT Director 

Resource Room

Sheila Dryer, Resource Room Director

Dawn Weber, Resource Room Facilitator/Event Coordinator


Linda Mick, Lunch Program Coordinator

Phyllis Florence, Traffic/Lunch Coordinator

Natalie Rajnish, Kitchen Staff

Veronica Quire, Kitchen Staff

Lisa Adams, Kitchen Staff


Janette Paoletti, Latchkey Coordinator

Madelyn Melson, Latchkey Aid

Early Childhood

Stephanie Round, ECH Director, PK Teacher

Megan Walby, PS Teacher

Kellie DeClaire, Aide

Julie Pak, Aid

Sharon Zettle, Aide


Deborah Leslie, Kindergarten 

Sharon Millard, Kindergarten

Mackenzie Ings, 1st Grade

Leanne Barrows, 1st Grade

Sarah Holmgren, 1st Grade

Ann Turner, 2nd Grade

Andrea Mott, 2nd Grade

Emily Pasco, 3rd Grade

Esther Jones, 4th Grade

Leanna Gentry, 4th Grade

Kathryn Collins, 5th Grade

Nicole Jacob, 5th Grade

Kim Courey, EL/MS PE

Joy Gregg, EL/MS Spanish

Jennifer Myers, EL Technology

Middle School & High School 

Brigitte Grasl, 7/8 English

Lisa Greenwood, 6th English & Social Studies

Jonah Ings, 7/8 Math

Ashely Luna, 7/8 Science & HS Anatomy

Bukola Olojo, 6th Math & Science

David Wallace, 7/8 Social Studies & PE

Jesse Allen, HS Bible & Chaplain

Phillippe Belfiori, HS English

Stephen Ciaramitaro, HS Math and Computer Science

Michelle Day, MS/HS Technology

Lisa Gentile*, HS Science/Math

Ashley Jagitsch*, HS English

Ingrid Kocik*, HS Math

Kevin Koepplinger*, HS Social Studies

Connie Marchesi*, HS Bible

Sheryl Randolph, HS Spanish

Joy Sprang, HS Math & Yearbook

Cameron Walcott, Online Class Mentor

Delia Walcott, HS Math


                                               *Department Head

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