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PCS Return to School Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child going to have in-person instruction this year? 
  • YES!! As long as Michigan is in Phase 4-6, Parkway will be providing 5 day a week in person learning. While we are planning to create a homeschool option for your child should you desire it, we are not requiring a hybrid school where students are only in person a certain number of days a week.
Will my child be required to wear a facial covering in school?
  • Students in grades PreK-5 are not required to wear a facial covering in classrooms.
  • Any student who cannot medically tolerate a facial covering must not be required to wear one.
  • In Phase 5 of the MI Safe Start Plan, facial coverings are strongly recommended, and in Phase 4, facial coverings are required for:
    • PreK-12 students while on school transportation.
    • Students in grades 6-12 at all times except during meals.
      • Parkway is considering having grades 6-8 in cohorts so that they are not moving around the building as much.  If that is the case, they may not be required to wear masks in the classroom
    • Students in grades PreK-5, when in hallways and common areas.
Will my child’s teacher be required to wear a facial covering in school?
  • In certain phases, yes.
Will my student have their temperature checked before getting on the bus or entering the school building?
  • Yes, we will be taking the temperature of anyone who enters the building.  In addition, we will be hiring a Health Center Supervisor to assist in managing student illness concerns.
What happens if a child or staff gets sick at school?
  • Parkway is required to cooperate with the local health department regarding implementing protocols for screening students and staff. If a student becomes ill with symptoms of COVID-19 while at school, they will be quarantined in the Health Center until they can be picked up by a parent or guardian. Symptomatic students and staff should be kept home until they have tested negative or have been released from isolation according to CDC guidelines. Again, we are creating the new role of Health Center Supervisor on our staff to help manage student and staff illness.
What about sports?
  • School athletics may continue in Phases 4-6, with some required health and safety protocols. Schools will be directed to follow guidance published by the Michigan High School Athletic Association and the National Federation of State High School Associations.
What about other extracurricular activities (e.g. drama, robotics, additional after-school programs)?
  • Extracurricular activities may continue in Phases 4-6, with some required health and safety protocols.
How can I get communication about changes as things develop?
  • COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plans for Phases 4-6 will need to be approved by our school board and submitted to the State of Michigan. The plans will be posted prominently on the front page of our website by early August so you can read and understand the plans for the 2020-2021 school year. As always, please feel free to reach out to staff with any questions, comments or concerns.
Am I allowed to visit my child at school?
  • This depends on the phase Michigan is in. There will be changes to our visitation policy, which will be clearly outlined in our detailed Reopening Plans. Overall, access to the building will be much less than in the past.
What happens if a child or staff tests positive for COVID-19? Will we know who tested positive?
  • Following regular public health practice, the local health department will initiate contact tracing to identify those who were in close contact with the individual (i.e., less than six feet apart for at least fifteen minutes). Those who were in close contact will be asked to self-quarantine by the local health department for up to 14 days after exposure. Local health officials, depending on the situation, may identify other exposure situations that require quarantine. School staff and officials, in accordance with federal and state privacy laws, are barred from disclosing student and staff health information, including whether a specific individual tested positive for COVID-19.
Will International Students be allowed to participate in online learning?
  • Parkway will be offering in-person classes as long as we are in Michigan’s Safe Start phase 4-6. If the Governor determines our area must move into phase 1-3, all schools will be mandated to close. In that case, we will offer coursework in an online format. As it would be due to a government mandate, international students will be able to continue at Parkway by participating in our online coursework. It is an exception that SEVP/SEVIS will approve.
What is happening with lunch and recess?
  • To minimize exposure, lunch will be eaten in the classrooms. We will still make sure students are getting outside and receiving appropriate exercise. More detailed information will be available once our reopening plans are complete.

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