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Parkway Christian High Schoolers Impact the Country of Nicaragua 



A group of 18 Parkway Christian High Schoolers, left on January 28th for an 8-day missions trip to the country of Nicaragua. This missions trip has been a big part of the tradition of Parkway Christian School starting with the first trip to Nicaragua back in 2014. For most of the students, this was their first time on any kind of missions trip. Nerves were high leaving the Detroit Metro Airport, however the students quickly became excited to see what God was going to do in the country of Nicaragua.


One of the main ministries of the trip was a children's camp that our students, with the help of missionaries to Nicaragua, lead for over 60 kids. These kids are part of the community of Rivas, Nicaragua. More specifically, they are children that have grown up in the garbage dump community of Rivas. They live and work in the garbage dump, where tons of trash are dumped every single day. The job of those who live in the dump community is to pick through the trash to find plastics or recycled material, in order to collect 100 pounds of materials. That 100 pounds of recyclable material, can be exchanged for a total of 2 or 3 dollars. Trip chaperone Zack Merren said about that experience, "It breaks your heart to see these kids live in such terrible conditions, so being able to show them God's love and provide them 3 days to forget about their troubles, was an honor." 


One of the reasons Parkway Christian School loves to see students on this trip, is because it gets the students out of the comforts that they are so accustomed to, and shows them how much the world needs Jesus. The hope is that they take how they feel back to the school, their families, friends, and communities and shares the light of Christ that they now know is so needed in the world. 

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