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Parkway Christian Participates in Last Day of School Drive-by Celebration 



The last day of school, for any other year, is a day full of celebrations. It is looked forward too by students, staff, and administration alike. It is a day that everyone looks on with anticipation, the hard work that has been put in all year comes to front as you accept awards, and see final results of tests. Classes have parties, parents take pictures, and lockers get emptied. This is the normal routine for every year and every school. This year, we find ourselves in a tough spot. With the Covid-19 Pandemic halting all in person activities, we were put in a tough decision. As we have said through this whole time, unique problems require unique decisions!


Our administrations came up with an idea, throughout this time we would see people do drive by celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries, and we even did one for our announcement of Valedictorian and Salutatorian. This sparked an idea, what if we got our entire community to come out for a drive by and say good bye to teachers, staff, and administration? This would be one of this BIGGEST drive-by celebrations our community has ever seen! We got the police, and fire department just in case, and we began planning the day!


Friday, May 29th at 4pm, all of our teachers staff and students were lined up on our ring road ready to see their students for the first time in months! Our Head of School, Lila Place, was full of excitement and anticipation, "It was really special to see cars lined up all the way to schoenherr to come celebrate the last day of school, and to see our students one last time before summer starts." Right before the celebration started, a full line of cars were waiting backing up schoenherr road! It was time to start the celebration, and the honking, yelling, and squirt guns began! 


It was so much fun to see the smiling faces of students and parents as they drove by and said good bye for now to their teachers! "My son had a physical reaction to seeing his friend from class, I'm pretty sure he went air born in our was amazing," Connie Marchesi said about the celebration. We are so blessed to have such an amazing community, and we are so grateful for every parent, grandparent, family friend and any one else who helped our students during this rough time. We can't wait to get back to our regular celebrations, but this one is one we won't ever forget.

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