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Parkway Christian School

Students Hear From Super Bowl Champion

Written By: Senior Olivia P.


Parkway Christian School students got a special visitor in their chapel service on Wednesday October 16th. Greg Jones came to speak as a part of the new Positive You program that was implemented into Parkway Christian School this year. Greg Jones was an all star football player at Michigan State University, who won the big ten championship in 2009, and was drafted later to play for the New York Giants, where he was given the honor to win a Super Bowl his first year in the NFL. Although those accomplishments were astounding that is not what he came to Parkway Christian School for.


Jones gave his testimony of how his life was changed and how God helped him accomplish the immense goals he set. He told the students to never give up on their goals because with God you can accomplish them. Having Greg Jones speak to the students left a lasting impact on each and every student. Near the end of his message he gave the opportunity for questions and to have conversations with him. 


Jones got a chance to speak to all the students, including the football team. Many of the football team spoke of how he helped give them a new attitude toward the season. Javen, a senior at Parkway Christian School, said “When I was talking to Greg Jones we had a conversation about this season and how we had struggled. Jones told me that I shouldn’t focus on the win or lose but rather focus on if I played my hardest and to ask myself if you would be proud to show someone that film.” Javen applied that message from Jones in his next, and final, football game. Not only did they win, Javen felt he played his best game all season.


Positive You has given students opportunities to hear real life situations of people who have been through hard times and made it through, including Greg Jones. Greg Jones left an impact on many of the students and it is refreshing and encouraging to know that things might be hard now but if you stay on God’s path you can make it through. Jones is a living example of this; the students and staff are excited to see him as he visits throughout the year.