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Welcome to parkway christian preschool

In Preschool, we begin to equip students spiritually, emotionally, socially, and cognitively as they take their journey through our program. We are licensed through the State of Michigan, and follow state curriculum guidelines. We weave our curriculum through Kingdom Education principles, where the Word of God becomes our starting point. We teach the children developmentally as we work in large and small groups each day. Students have the opportunity to learn through play in creative centers that are set up in the classroom. We have monthly scripture verses that the students memorize, and weekly Bible stories that are shared and expounded upon to meet their levels of understanding.

Play, play and more play!

Research shows play to be one of the strongest ways children learn, yet more and more early childhood programs are leaning heavily towards academic programs that leave little time for play or movement. For young children especially, this lack of movement and exploration during play results in a stifling of the creative spirit, along with a reduction in the ability to think critically, which stifles the growth of the child's reasoning abilities. Play is one of the ways educators can help children develop their reasoning and critical thinking abilities. The experts advise us to increase the amount of play for older students instead of reducing the amount in early childhood. While it may look like nothing is being accomplished in play, the reality is students are learning to successfully navigate through life, and are creating a foundation of critical thinking on which all future academic success is built.

Our teachers understand the need to differentiate as they teach children in their classrooms. Differentiation occurs when the teacher correctly assesses the learning styles of the students in the class and adjusts instruction to include all learning styles. -Lila Place (Head of School)

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