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Latchkey (S.A.C.C.) 2022/2023


   PK-5th grade students may bring food or snacks from home

   Homework time

  Recreation time

   Craft and game time

   School spirit throughout the year


Hours of Operation

6:30 am — 8 am 

3:00 pm — 6:00 pm 


Fees Preschool - 4th grade

$1.75 per quarter-hour/$7 per hour


Fees 5th-12th grade 

No charge from 3pm-5pm under supervision in cafeteria 

5pm-6pm $10.00 per hour under supervision by latchkey


All students: Fee assessed for late pickup after 6 pm

($35 fee for the 2nd and 3rd time a student is picked up after 6pm.  

Latchkey services will be discontinued after the 3rd time)


Latchkey charges will be withdrawn through FACTS on your scheduled payment date. Latchkey invoicing begins on the first day of school with first payment due in October. 

Questions and all Latchkey forms can be submitted to
Sarah Holmgren, Early Childhood Director
(586)446-9900 Ext. 185 or

(586) 446-9900 ext. # 175 (latchkey)
Ext #148 Mrs. Hunt (financial questions)

If payments are not made in a timely manner, latchkey services will not be available until your account is brought current.

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