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Parkway provides a wide range of opportunities for it's students. One favorite is, the opportunity to interact with all age groups. Whether it's through our drama department, Equip groups, the childcare elective, leading Elementary chapel, or a variety of other activities, students have the ability to learn and grow from each other. In addition, students and teachers develop bonds that go beyond the traditional student-teacher relationship. Students are continually reminded of how much they are cared for and loved by teachers. It shows in their concern for student success, their willingness to go the extra mile to help, and in their willingness to be available when needed for tutoring. Of special importance and appreciated is the opportunity given to openly discuss life issues in Bible classes as they learn to apply a biblical perspective to these topics. They have a safe place to learn to navigate a confusing world. 

Students learn to appreciate giving back through yearly service-hour requirements, and one day a year where every student is serving outside the school in places like Hope Center, Gleaners, Gleaners Farm, or Habitat for Humanity. These opportunities help students broaden their outlook on life as they expand their connections with the surrounding community. 

Another unique aspect of student life at Parkway is the abundance of opportunities to participate in events not always available in a traditional school. Elementary students have classrooms designed to provide a warm, inviting environment, with field trips, Spiritual Emphasis days, a Move-A-Thon, PFF (Parkway Family Fun Day), field day, and other activities added to allow for relationships to be built.  For Middle School and High School, yearly events include Spirit Week, where students work together as teams to compete and Winter Retreat where students spend two or three days focused on growing spiritually interspersed with fun activities designed to create a sense of togetherness. Add the senior trip to Florida and you have the needed ingredients to develop a community where students can not just learn, but become all God created them to become.