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Private school is a financial commitment, and we do not take lightly the trust that you have put in the teachers of Parkway Christian. We are committed to keeping costs as low as possible while still providing an excellent education option for families.  

2024-2025 Tuition Rates

Tuition rates are calculated using the oldest child as the first student, no exceptions to cut off dates

  • 8th Grade 
    • Washington DC Trip - $1200 (subject to change based on market prices)
  • 12th Grade 
    • Graduation Fee - $200
    • Senior Trip to Orlando, FL - $1800 (optional) (subject to change based on market prices)
  • Athletic Participation Fee (Varies by Sport)
    • Fees/Paperwork are due before student participation is allowed 
  • Latchkey Services 
  • Fees are per family, not per student 
  • Enrollment Fee is non-refundable
  • Participation fee is billed with tuition plan and reimbursed through approved volunteer hours. 
    • AM or PM Traffic Control - ½ hours per week
    • Lunch Duty - 1 hour every other week 
    • Volunteering at approved community events
  • FACTS payments accepted via checking, savings, or credit card 
    • A credit card plan will incur a 2.85% processing fee per payment
  • Monthly payments via FACTS Management commencing after August 1, 2024 require first month’s tuition payment to the PCS Financial Office prior to the start of school.
  • Late Payment Policy: Tuition must be paid by the end of the month to avoid interruption in school attendance. No student may be re-enrolled for the following school year if any unpaid balance exists for the previous school year.
  • Early Withdrawal: Should it become necessary for a student to withdraw during the school year, please submit the PCS Student Withdrawal form available under Current Families – PCS
    Documents on the school website. 
  • Families withdrawing a student are responsible for all payments due through the end of the month a withdrawal takes place. Attendance during part of a month is considered a full month for refund purposes.